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Go! Go! Fujitsu Frontiers!

Fujitsu Frontiers

Last November 26, I had the opportunity to watch the Fujitsu Frontiers football game. The Fujitsu Frontiers is an American Football team located at Kawasaki.  The JXB Tournament Semifinal Finals was held at the Fujitsu Kawasaki Stadium, just about 20 minutes walk from Kawasaki Station. The game was against the Orbic Seagulls. I could remember when …


Farewell, Strong and Independent Woman

Strong Independent Woman

My direct line manager has been accepted at the global office in Portugal. She’d be moving there next week and will be handling a large team of software engineers. She is more than capable to do that since it was being manifested and validated with how she was also able to handle the 4 of …


The HTTP 204 (No Content)

HTTP 204 No Content

Last week, we only had 3 working days since Monday was National Heroes Day and Friday was Eidul Adha. I didn’t have any out of town plans as I wanted to just review for my GRE exam. But alas, I decided to instead build a PHP Package for the Have I Been Pwned API. If your …

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Workboarding at Republ1c Wakepark


Last Thursday to Saturday, the Product Engineering departments of along with the Leadership Team, had an off-site teambuilding at Seda Hotel in Nuvali, Laguna. It was 1.5 day activity wherein we aligned ourselves with everyone and with the company goals. At the end of the session, we had to determine our “Personal Why” just …


Winning the Google Mobile Hackathon

Last July 25-26, Team OLX participated in the Google Mobile Hackathon 2017. There was no drive and motivation at first for us. But a week before the actual event, we reorganized ourselves. We did pre-work and prior research on how to tackle the problem. Our team was divided into 3 modules: AMP, PWA, and Credentials. …