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Go! Go! Fujitsu Frontiers!

Fujitsu Frontiers

Last November 26, I had the opportunity to watch the Fujitsu Frontiers football game. The Fujitsu Frontiers is an American Football team located at Kawasaki.  The JXB Tournament Semifinal Finals was held at the Fujitsu Kawasaki Stadium, just about 20 minutes walk from Kawasaki Station. The game was against the Orbic Seagulls. I could remember when …

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Speaking Gig at Social Media Day 2017

Social Media Day 2017

Last Saturday, I was invited to talk at the Social Media Day 2017 Manila to talk about coding or programming. It was on very short notice as I was only informed about it a little less than a week. But I still took up the challenge as I know I would be able to help …

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Software Developer at 31

As my birthday approaches and as I’m nearing 31, I was reading about Software Developers on their 40s up and found this interesting article. I witnessed how my father wrote programs when I was young. He would blankly stare at his laptop for minutes, writing things, then deleting them, repeat & rinse. I thought it …


Strengths Finder Results

Strengths Finder 2.0 My manager gave me a book entitled “Strengths Finder 2.0” by Tom Rath. I don’t know what it is but the first order of business is to answer some questions on the website in order to determine your Top 5 Strengths. The survey was quite long and the questions are situational and it …


Yolanda and the Philippine Government

Relief Goods for the day.

It’s been more than a week since the typhoon Yolanda (international name ‘Haiyan’) hit the central part of the Philippines. Amongst the greatly affected cities is Tacloban. Now, there’s been much debate, rants, etc. about how the Philippine government handled the situation. I personally believe that each and every one has the right to criticize …


Sulit Tech goes to 24th Floor

My new workdesk at the 24th Floor Office.

The Sulit Technical Deparment (mainly the Development Team) relocated to another office but still at the same building. We transferred down to the 24th floor. This was the old Sulit office before transferring at the 40th floor. I’ve stayed for 6 months at the 40th and it was nice to have at least been at …