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Hi, I’m Ridvan Baluyos. I currently work as an Applications Engineer for the largest e-commerce site in Japan. I previously worked as the Software Engineering Manager of the OLX Philippines. I relocated in Tokyo in July 2018, after living and working for 11 years in Manila.

I enjoy programming in PHP and its related technologies; I’m also a Zend Certified Engineer (2017-PHP). I have started programming in ReactJS after years of doubting the stability of Javascript frameworks in general.

Apart from programming, I have found new hobbies such as cycling and airsoft. Recently, I am practicing Karate again after a long hiatus since 2003, where I earned my Brown Belt from Japan Karate Association at age 15.

Back at my country, I live with my 9 year old Japanese Bobtail cat named 3rdy, and two rescued domestic cats named Toshio and Trinity. I plan to bring them here in Tokyo soon.

I have recently consolidated my previous blogs since 2006 via Wayback Machine since I always delete it afterwards.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via email: [email protected]

** Opinions are my own and does not reflect that of my current and past employers.