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Memories.. Data.. Information.. Destroyed..

Just as i was almost done with revising our documentation for our Senior Year Project, my freakin’ flash disk went could not be detected. No light, no respond from PC, no anything. I don’t know what the hell happend?! The only thing i could remember, I safely removed it because i want to copy an …


My First Assembly Program

*********************************************************************** Author    : Ridvan Lakas ng Bayan S. Baluyos Course    : BSCS – 4 major in Information Technology SUbject    : ICS 33 A LABORATORY EXERCISE #3 *********************************************************************** X:\>debug -e 200 0AF2:0200  52.52   49.49   44.44   56.56   41.41   4E.4E   20.20   4C.4C 0AF2:0208  41.41   4B.4B   41.41   53.53   20.20   4E.4E   47.47   20.20 0AF2:0210  42.42   41.41   59.59   41.41   4E.4E   20.20   …


How to Properly Organize Your Flash Drive (As a Student)

Nowadays, the existence of diskettes are already obsolete and Jurassic. I remembered before in high school, I usually carry these bunch of diskettes just to save files. Also during my first year in college, a 64MB flash drive is already powerful enough. But look at now, after 3 years, we now have 1GB to 2GB …