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Camiguin Island Tour

I’m just trying to share my camiguin island tour last weekend. oh, it really started last thursday and ended up last sunday. hehe.

last thursday i just had my NEC preliminary interview at school. madame wilma told me that we’re leaving by 11am. how could that be? my interview is 10:30-11am. and to think, there were some delays in the interview so i was quite nervous that i might be left behind the trip. anyway, everything went well and i was able to finish my interview around 11:15. immediately i rushed downstairs carrying this big book (which i used for review in the technical interview) and my big bag. i was able to join the trip. weeee!

Day 1 (thursday):
We left from CdO around 12noon. we had our lunch (Jollibee beafsteak. lolz!) inside the jeepney and along the trip. lolz! so the trip lasted for about 2 hours from Cagayan de Oro to Balingoan Port. We arrived around 2pm and immediately went to ride a barge for Camiguin for another 45minutes. we arrived at camiguin by 3pm. and then again, another 45minutes from Guinsaliban(hope i spelled it right) to our Resort in Mambajao.

We just spent the day relaxing and fixing ourselves up. nothing important happened though.

Day 2 (friday):
We left the resort by 8am and went to PHIVOLCS to watch the mountain view of camiguin. from there, you could see white islands clearly. man how i wanted to go there! not to mention i wasn’t really able to enjoy this day because my tummy started to ache because i drank evaporated milk during breakfast (did i mention i was lactose intolerance?). right after we went to Walkway the Volcano and via Cruces. we just took pictures though and bought some souveneir stuffs. along the trip, we also dropped by the Sunken Cemetery. we had a boat ride going to the cross. the weather was really hot and we decded to go to Sto. Nino Cold Spring. We had our lunch there. right after, we went to the lagoon. there, my orgmates had a boat ride. guess what i did? haha. i unloaded that thing that gets in the way of my aching stomach. lolz! after that, we went to the Ostrich Breeding Center. there i saw big swines, and i really mean BIIIGG SWINES. there were also Ducks and Ostriches. Lastly for the day, we went to Katibawasan falls.

Duirng the night, my orgmates also went to party in the resort disco hall. they just danced althroughout the night. me? well, in one corner observing them. hehe. kj.

Day 3 (satuday):
woot woot! the most exciting part. we went finally to White Island. as we arrived, i became nostalgic about my Boracay trip 2 years ago. i mean, this place is cleaner than boracay. but a lot smaller. not to mention there were no restrooms found in there. during arrival, i wasn’t able to noticed Susan. you know her? the host in GMA’s show, “kay Susan tayo!” haha. yes, she was there taping. while i was in the beaches. one of the anchors went near me,

Anchor: Diyan ka lang sir, huwag kang umalis. may interview tayong gagawin!
Me: ha? uhmm. sige no problem
Anchor: Ano po pangalan nila?
(then suddenly one of my orgmates came)
Anchor: ay teka, siya nalang.
(then another came)
Anchor: ay siya nalang, ano po pangalan nila?
(then all of my orgmates came running in the scene!)

hahaha! funny indeed. it could’ve been my chance to be interviewed in TV up close. too bad i was too slow. lolz! anyway, that episode might be shown this coming Sunday. lolz! there i really burned my skin. i could barely see a tan mark on my wrist because of my watch. good thing i had sunblock on my back and face before i left. right after, we had our lunch at Paras beach resort. we realized that it was really too hot and tiring. so after lunch, we went to the Church Old Ruins and had a nap. me? having a nap in the afternoon? no way. me and some of my friends had rock climbing adventures. hahaha! since the ruins were made of rock, we tried rock climing. i really enjoyed it. it’s similar to wall climbing and you could really see different shapes and sizes of rocks that you could hold and stand on.

right after the nap, we went to Ardent Hot Spring. we just spend the afternoon there. and me? nah. i didn’t take the pool. was just there at the cottage taking pictures of them having fun. lolz. kj.

after ardent. we realized that we are out of money. so we had our dinner in this small chicken alacarte carenderia. hahahahaha! and during the night? hmmm.. we decided to party all night long.

i was drunk. very drunk. i don’t know but i guess i just had around 4-5 Colt 45 bottles (1L i guess). i became tipsy and i already forgot what i did and said during that time. but allow me to share a few and funny things that i did(according to them)

Jamis Experience:
Me: Anime friend2x! Ulaw kayo nahubog ko! Anime friend, nahubog ko! (sabay jumping2x in place)

Dao Experience:
Me: Bai? Ako nang shot? (simultaneously breaking an empty glass)

Chito Experience:
Me: bai, mag CR sa ko. dinhi sa ko sa kasagbutan
Chito: sige pre, walay problema hulatan tika
Me: pre, humana ko. asa dapit pwede manghugas ug kamot diri?
Chito: ayaw na panghugas bai.
Me: dili bai! manghugas ko ug kamot! manghugas ko ug kamot!!!!
(me and chito entering the resort restaurant kitchen without asking permission. hahahaha! even if i was drunk, i’m really an OC. lolz! XD)

*and a few love life sharing. lolz!)

Wilma Experience:
Wilma: RB, inoma ni o!
Me: What’s that??
Wilma: Hot water.
Me: No! that’s not hot water! it’s gayuma! wilms, you can’t make me fall for you.
(ahahahaha! baga gyud ko ug nawong noh? lolz!)

Shor Experience:
hahaha! sorry, too personal to mention

Everybody’s Experience:
me speaking in english always. hahaha! i don’t know, but i guess i had some dialogues with them. some were about my love life though. lolz!

*i threw up. i fell asleep*
(chito, thanks for cleaning up my puke. hahaha! utangan ko pastel saimu!)

Day 3 (sunday):
i woke up and i realized i had a hang-over. i could not possibly stand up and my head is really aching. some of them were already busy taking a bath and chaing their clothes while i was still there in bed – sleeping. lolz! so guess what? i went through the trip not taking a bath. i didn’t smell though. lolz!

along the trip, a lot of conversation and confessions happened. hehe. won’t go into details already. thanks. 🙂

so that’s it. quite long. so if you’ve managed to read everything i wrote. congrats. i really post long blog entries when i’m bored. hahahahaha!

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