Holy Week without PC

After arriving from Camiguin. i noticed that my PC is no longer functioning well. i thought it’s just the normal thing wherein my HDD can’t be detected (since the main problem is the power supply, 350W only) so i tried to exchange the wires. but it didn’t.
so in the afternoon, my father (since he’s in vacation with us for the holy week) bought a new power supply. 400W. it’s good. it detects all the HDD and other attached. but hey, “error loading operating system” what’s this?? so i reinstalled my PC with windows but still it doesn’t work properly. i’ve been receiving this error and “Insert Boot Media…” errors. so i thought that my HDD is defective already. so i got one extra HDD and used it. still the same error. i was really trying to solve this, along with my bro and father. i tried installing Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Linux but still it’s not working. i tried a lot of solutions already and i guess it’s too technical to be posted here. so i’m gonna end this by saying that my PC is busted! i need to buy a new one.
maybe next week i’ll be buying a new one. but then it’s a loan from my father’s credit card. i’ll be paying it once i’ll start working. huhuhuhuhu. so you might be asking how am i using the internet right now? hah! all of the other I/O devices attached with the PC are doing well. except for the damaged BIOS (motherboard), so right now i’m using the Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn Live CD so that i can access through the internet. this is just temporary though. but i still would like to have my own PC. and i’d like to have it as soon as possible. i simply could not live without one. it’s my life. 🙂

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