Accepting Ramcar over NSP

For the past days after receiving NSP’s job offer, my everyday life was really very confusing. i know that this is really a very BIG and MAJOR decision that i’ll be making since it will be carving my career path as well as path of life that i will be having. there were times really that my decisions are really fickle. after thinking carefully, weighing the two job offers, talking and seeking advice of some people, and deep meditation in the mountains(hahaha!), i finally had a decision. i chose ramcar over nsp. i know a lot of people really said that “sayang ang NSP” but for me it really depends how you look at things. i know a lot of CS graduates really want to work at NSP because it’s a great company to be with (compensation, trainings, benefits, etcetera). i could also have a chance to go to Japan, learn nihonggo and review Philnits for free when i’m with NSP. out of the 5 who were given by NSP a job offer, all 4 of them accepted the job offer.

again, i have my own reasons as to why i made that decision. and i always believed that there should never be regrets in any decision that you’ll make. because if you’ve chose the other way around and something went wrong, you would also regret later on. so better not think about regrets, think of what you can do with it. hehe. always believed in butterfly effect.

so when am i starting? prolly in the first week of may. 🙂

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