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Winning the Karate-do Championship

I recently won first place for the 55kgs. and below category for Karate-do Sparring. I mean, i’m so happy that after almost a month of practice, after all the sacrifices, after all the late night practices, after all the physical investments, i finally got what i deserve.
It’s been a month since i started practicing in preparation for the intramurals. I’m still glad that my passion for sparring still hasn’t gone out. Although i must admit, i have no say when it comes to Kata. My form is bad. I practice karate for the sake of exercise and leisure only. I don’t intend to be the best nor master the art. Basically, just for the fun of doing it.
The event was held last thursday, September 21. We, Engineering Team, were up ahead in time wearing our varsity jackets. We showed to the other colleges and schools how united we were. We warmed up simultaneously and we stayed together, discussed, inspired, and encouraged each and everyone to win in the competition. Finally, the event started.
(Entry has been cut in wayback machine so I can no longer fetch the remaining content.)
College of Engineering - Karate Team
College of Engineering – Karate Team

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