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Leave of Absence

It’s really been three long weeks since i have written something or at least did something with my blog. I haven’t really touched it though, except for checking new entries (usually, spams! argh!), and checking my stats and page rank. Well, the reason behind this? PROJECTS, INTRAMURALS, SCHOOL.

First, i was busy practicing karate-do, i’m keeping up with my posture since i have’t really practiced for about a couple of years already. My posture is bad, i can’t memorize already simple Heian Katas. I need to catch up. So i’ve been practicing for about a month already and the competition is coming.

Second , projects came in simultaneously. Although it would have been prevented it i did not procrastinate in the first place. lolz! XD At least, everything’s doing good with it. But, can anyone suggest any project for our Electronics, Logic Design and Switching class? My teacher wants to have something like a robotic or something and do some interface with the PC. Our first proposal was some sort of infrared device wherein it would alarm whenever the connection’s been blocked. And the application for this would be for the parking lots. The explanation? It’s complicated. Next proposal was some sort of remote control that would turn your PC off from a distance. The teacher’s opinion? It’s useless. So now i’m still doing research for this project. Any help would be very much appreciated. 🙂

Third, my acads. I’ve been pressured with my academics since i’ll be graduating this year. I want to graduate, i want to leave school, i want to work, i want to learn more. That’s why i need to keep up with my lessons well, study hard and pass my subjects.

So there, that’s the reason why i’m gone for a while. lolz! XD

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