The OC and the Nocturnal

It’s already 2:27am in my PC system clock and I’m still awake. My sickness again came, after having seen a stain in the bathroom, I cleaned it using powdered detergent and scrubbed it. Then I saw another stain, then cleaned it again. And another one, then cleaned it again. And it went on and on until I cleaned the bathroom. I applied muriatic acid in order to melt those dirty organisms in the room. Not to mention the toxic odor of the chemicals, it’s killing me. But yes, I did cleaned the bathroom. This obsessive-compulsive behavior of mine is no longer new, I always do that. especially during the late (or early?) hours of the night (or dawn? hehe). With these two sickness combined. I guess I’ll die early. lolz! anyway, after cleaning the bathroom, I pressed my clothes which took up an hour of my day. But i’m happy that finally, there are no more plantsahonon remaining in the basket. And oh, one more thing, after having pressed my clothes, I went on doing research on our project proposal for our simulation class. It’s called Jeepney Alley System simulation. So till here, I still have an 8:30am class later and believe it or not, after the midterms, my attendance sheet for that subject are all “L’s”, meaning late! Hahahahaha! Good morning everyone! ^_^

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