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Pet Transport via FurExpress domestically in the Philippines

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The last time I did a pet transport in the Philippines, from Manila to Cagayan de Oro was, I think, last 2011. I had to transport two kittens and they fit perfectly on a single cage. However, I will be transporting two adult cats this time. There’s not much information at the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) website on the process and the necessary documents needed, so allow me to list them down for you. If you have been doing research beforehand, you might have read about an article by PAWS.

So here’s what I did. First, your pets must have been vaccinated with Anti-Rabies at least 14 days before the travel date. Meaning, you cannot rush things. Have them vaccinated at least a month before you leave. Request also for a Pet Health Card or  Record Book if it’s the first time that your pets have been vaccinated. Second, you will need a Health Certificate from a veterinarian. The validity of the Health Certificate is just 3 days. Other than that, the BAI officer might not sign your shipping permit. Third, you need a shipping permit from BAI. The requirements are the Health Card and Health Certificate. And lastly, you can ship the cats together with you or you can avail the services of FurExpress. Trust me, they take good care of your pets and they take care of everything, all in a single day processing! All you need to do is pick your pets at the cargo area of the airport destination.

What I did in my case was I had my pets vaccinated and micro-chipped a month before.

FurExpress picked-up my pets around 1pm last Saturday, and they arrived 6am the following day. You will received either a call or sms from the CebPac Cargo Office and ask you to bring a valid ID.



Picking up my cats at the CebPac Cargo Laguindingan Airport
Picking up my cats at the CebPac Cargo Laguindingan Airport


Inside the Airport Taxi.
Inside the Airport Taxi.


  1. Vaccination Record with Anti-Rabies signed by the vet (Pet Health Card)
  2. Health Certificate signed by the vet, and 3 days validity.

  3. Shipping Permit from BAI, requirements are #1 and #2.


  1. Anti-Rabies = 150php per pet
  2. Health Card = free
  3. Health Certificate = 500php per pet
  4. Micro-chip = 250php per pet
  5. Spay/Neuter = 500php per pet
  6. FurExpress Transport = 3000php per pet (single cage)
  7. BAI Shipping Permit = free

Service Providers:

  1. Philippine Pet Birth Control Center (PPBCC)
  2. FurExpress


26 thoughts on “Pet Transport via FurExpress domestically in the Philippines”

  1. It is great to know that your pets must have been vaccinated with Anti-Rabies at least 14 days before the travel date. My cousin might visit us on Christmas so this information is just what we need it to know so he can bring his pet with him. Thanks for sharing your article, I will tell my cousin to have them vaccinated at least a month before.

  2. To whom it may concern I have 3 dogs arriving in Manila from Australia on 14th of August
    And I will be needing assistance to get them to Puerto Princesa safely from Manila.

    I hope to hear back from u soon

  3. Inquire how much i have a kitten 3mths old his complete vaccination he only don’t have Anti-Rabies and how much his going From Cebu to Clark Airport/Pangasinan Binalonan.thank you

      1. I am thinking about saving up money to manage all this because I have 2 cats, 1 rabbit, and a hamster.
        Also are rabbits and hamsters allowed?
        And I’m from Canada so I worry for my pets being away from me for 13-15 hours.. Traveling to Philippines

        1. Hi Maria,

          This is only for domestic travel transportation. I am not sure about the policies for international travel entry to the Philippines.


          1. Hi po. Im currently im Bahrain and flying back to Philippines this coming September 21, 2021. I will fly with my dog.. but since there is pandemic i have to be quarantined for 10days in hotel. What will happen to my dog? Where i can put him or can i send him to mindanao? The address written in my dog import permit is Mati City which is my hometown. Is it possible i can send my dog directly? Or different process.

  4. Hi. I have to cats. Im planning to have it travel from cdo to manila. Is there anyway we can talk for process. Thanks.

  5. I am planning to ship four shihtzu dogs from Manila to Davao. All the dogs are updated in terms of anti rabbies and the usual 6-1 vaccines. They weigh from 8-12 kilos. Average weight is 9-10 kilos.

    How much will be the expected cost for that?

  6. I want to bring two years old shihtzu dog from manila Philippines to sri can i bring

  7. Hi,

    I would like to bring my 1.6 yrs old American bully (standard size) to Boracay this April. His current weight is 50lbs and all vaccines have been administered by his vet (animal house jupiter, makati)

    How do I go about it and how much?


  8. hello, does allow to transfort 2 chihuahua Davao manila on March 26, 2022, all documents are complete, on March 29 they have Intl. flight to Montreal , Pets reservation are confirmed,
    together with accompanying owner. How much is the pay.. They will get the dogs in your cargo in Manila. whats the address thank you.
    Im the one who booked their flight for Domestic and Intl I am a Travel and Tours Company

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