Micro-chipping my cats via Petdentity


My cat Toshio, whom I rescued about two years ago, still isn’t spayed at the moment. I will be bringing them to the province once I leave for Japan next month and the neutering cost in the province is like 8x the cost here in Manila. It should be cheaper right? No. Supply and demand. There isn’t much veterinary clinics in Cagayan de Oro and most of the pet owners there don’t care or are not yet knowledgeable about spaying.

Last Monday was a holiday because of the Local Barangay Elections. I’m not a registered voter at this time so I thought it might be a good time to bring my cats to the vet. Luckily, the PPBCC Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation was open. I didn’t hesitate and planned the day early on. First, I got Toshio out. I could not bring both of them together because our Condo rules strictly says that you can only own one (1) small pet, and I have three (3) cats. Toshio went first because the cut-off for spaying/neutering is 11am. We arrived 30 minutes and I left Toshio at the care of the vets. I went home and took Trinity also. She was very noisy and scandalous, even noisier than Toshio! We arrived at the vet clinic and she still wouldn’t keep quiet. So I took her out of the cage and let her roam around. She was walking and sniffing around like a curious cat.

While waiting for Trinity’s turn to be vaccinated with Anti-Rabies, I saw an ad inside the clinic. It only costs 250 pesos. At first, I couldn’t believe it. But upon checking the website of Petdentity, you can see that they are doing it for a cause. They want a Rabies-Free Philippines in 2020. I also believe in that. I was first vaccinated with Anti-Rabies when our neighbor’s dog bit me at my forehead. The process was a torture at that time because I would have to endure 14 shots everyday. Unlike now wherein there’s only 4 shots. So after Trinity’s vaccination, I had her micro-chipped! We went home around 2pm and I just stayed at home to wait for Toshio to be released at around 6pm. But, the clinic called and told me that Toshio was already awake and I can already get him. It was still 3:30pm at that time. Since I would be transporting them to CdO by June, I also need a Health Certificate for both of them so I requested for one.

For some reason, Trinity because moody. Must have been the effect of the micro-chip. Toshio’s eyelid went bonkers too.

Toshio's inner eyelid
Toshio’s inner eyelid


(Update: Trinity’s behaviour and Toshio’s eyelid went back to normal. )

Below is the breakdown of cost:

Veterinary Clinic: Philippine Pet Birth Control Center Foundation

Spay/Neuter: 500 pesos (cut-off 11am)

Anti-Rabies Vaccine 150 pesos

Petdentity Micro-chip: 250 pesos

Health Certificate: 500 pesos (validity is 3-days before departure, must be presented to BAI for clearance)



Pet Documents
Pet Documents

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