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Got my Japan Work Visa!

Japan Work Visa

Today, I finally got my Japan Work Visa!  The process didn’t take long. I applied last Tuesday, and got the result last Saturday. It only took 4 days! So what are the requirements? You only need the ff.:

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Visa Application Form
  3. Photo (4.5cm x 4.5cm)
  4. Original AND photocopy of your Certificate of Eligibility (CoE)
  5. *Birth Certificate (if it’s your first time to apply for Japan Visa)
  6. *Marriage Certificate (if married)

As for me, since I’m still technically single (on paper) and I already have a Japan Tourist (Multiple-entry) Visa, I need not submit my birth and marriage certificate. I just had to fill out a form to cancel my existing visa. Huhu. That means goodbye JR Passes and every privilege of a tourist in Japan. But I’m also happy that finally my work visa is approved! Next stop is to process my documents at Philippine Overseas Employment Agency (POEA).

Certificate of Eligibility - Ridvan Baluyos
Certificate of Eligibility
Japan Work Visa - Ridvan Baluyos
Japan Work Visa

If you are asking for the requirements on getting a Certificate of Eligibility, I probably can’t help you with that since my future employer has an agency in Japan that takes care of it.

Japan-side Agency: Acroseed Global Business Support (Free)

Philippine-side Agency: Friendship Tours (2550 pesos)

12 thoughts on “Got my Japan Work Visa!”

  1. I would like to ask wich documents are needed to show at the airport when you are holding work visa, also if its long the wait at the airport while they are checking your visa?or is it a fast thing?
    documents aside the visa and the certificate of elegibility , like document showing the money in the account.

    1. Hi Giovane,

      Do you mean immigration upon arriving in Japan? If yes, then it depends on the number of passengers arriving.

      When I arrive in Narita there’s always a long queue. For people with Work Visa, you are going to line up at specified counters, the ones with card printers. Please ask any immigration officer in the area. You will show your work visa and surrender your certificate of eligibility. They will immediately print your residence card, so please double check that all details are correct. I never had to show my bank statement/certificate to any immigration officer, both in the PH and in JP. But it’s always good practice to carry all supporting documents just in case.


  2. So, the Visa was stamped on one Page? I heard that the Japanese Embassies normally required two face-to-face Blank Visa Pages as a requirement for applying for visa.

    1. Hi Adnan, sorry I didn’t get what you mean by “stamped” on one page. As for the face-to-face blank visa pages, I don’t know. I still had plenty of vacant visa pages on my passport.


  3. hello sir, gsuto ko lang po malaman kung ano na po update after nyo makuha ung visa nyo… ano po next step after nun? sa POEA processing right? anu po steps na ginawa nyo po? I have my COE na from Japan Immi for Engineering visa and soon mag-aaply na for the visa.. my documents such as employment contract and other documents form employer was already verified by POLO in Tokyo. hindi na rin po ako firstimer sa japan. ive been there as tourist po for 90 days… so ano po kaya susunod nun after mkuha yung visa po? thanks po 🙂 kung maari po sana step-to-step guide sa POEA Processing ma share yo po malaking tulong po yun.. Salamat po ang godbless!

    1. Hi Korinne,

      Please do not quote me on anything that I write here, as processes and things might change depending on the situation. But allow me to explain what happened after I got my Japan Work Visa.

      I do have an agency ( and they are really good.

      1. Create an account on POEA (Philippine Overseas Employment Agency)

      2. PEOS (Pre-Employment Orientation Seminar)
      – online seminar here:
      – can be done in 1-2 hours. print/save certificate afterwards.

      3. Take medical exam accredited by the recruitment agency or OWWA.
      – takes 3-5 business days

      4. Get NBI Clearance
      – can take maybe from 1 day to 2 weeks
      5. Attend PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar)
      – 3 hours seminar at Uniplan office or POEA office

      These are some of the things that the Immigration Officer may look before you leave.
      1. OEC (Overseas Employment Certificate)
      2. PDOS (Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar)
      3. Employment Contract signed by the Worker and Employer, duly verified by the Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO)/Labor Attache or authenticated by the Philippine Embassy.
      4. Valid Work Visa
      5. Valid Passport (

      Again, please do not quote me on this and do research from official government agency websites. Visit them and ask them about it as processes and situation may be different depending on your personal circumstance.

      Hope this helps.


  4. Awesome sir, very informative!

    I wanted to ask, what services did your agency provide? In my case I’ve applied directly with the Japanese company and my COE has been issued. But then Uniplan also contacted me (out of nowhere) and I’m not sure why. Would you suggest I still avail of their services? And how much did it cost?


    1. Hi Jose,

      > But then Uniplan also contacted me (out of nowhere) and I’m not sure why.
      This is actually a good thing. It means that your company is registered at the POLO.

      > Would you suggest I still avail of their services?
      You will have to avail the services Uniplan (or other agencies). This is a mandatory requirement by our government. I suggest to take Uniplan because their service is the best. I never had any issue. They even give you tips about unscrupulous practices of some “accredited” medical examination facilities, and how to avoid it.

      > And how much did it cost?
      I don’t know because my company paid for it (I think).

      All the best!

      Best regards,

  5. Hi, do you still have the document!? Can you confirm the size of the document in mm. I am asking because I just received my document from a consultant and I just want to cross verify to make sure everything is satisfactory. I would greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

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