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Jesus is our Hope

Last August, after our DGroup (Discipleship Group) meeting at CCF, a missionary gave a pitch for her short term mission to Jordan. I felt so convicted at that time to contribute since Bitcoin was really at all time peak. The day after, I contacted the campus missionary for further details. That’s when I met Suzi (not yer real name). Months have passed and I have almost forgotten about her mission, not until she sent an SMS last November stating that they’ll be leaving already in a few hours for their 20-day short mission trip. I was in Japan at that time so I wasn’t able to reply to her.

This week, Suzi messaged me if we could meet at CCF because she’d be giving something to me and our DGroup. I was surprised because I wasn’t really expecting something in return. She gave me a souvenir from the country where she went for her mission, and a newsletter of her experience in the missionary. I initially asked for her permission to repost the content of the newsletter, but I was advised that they are not allowed to share these through social media in order to protect the Church and the people they are serving in that country, because of the dangers of social pressure and persecution of Christians. I do agree with them. It’s just that the content might also be able to inspire others as well, and maybe people would really get to know the real situation of the people there. It’s so heartbreaking that they have to go through that pain of being displaced. Yet, you also feel God’s sovereignty, supremacy, love, and faithfulness.

Some people can argue that instead of prayers or missions to these countries, why not just give out donations and feed their basic needs instead? Prayers for them don’t mean anything. I feel sad every time people lash out comments like that. Providing them basic needs like clothes, medicines, jobs, housing, etc. is achievable. Yet, going through that traumatizing experience is something else. You need to dig deeper to the very core of their situation. These people need hope. And there is hope in Jesus Christ alone!

I wish I could share photos and information on how people can help, but I can’t. Please let me know if you want to help and I can direct you to the respective church and persons. 🙂

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