Suprise Farewell Party by CSG ’07 People

Just last tuesday, april 17, my CSG family said that there would be a graduation and despidida party of all CSG Officers and Staff who graduated this march. at first, i really thought that it was just a graduation part for all of us, but there’s something more to it.

my CSG family gave me a surprise farewell party. it was only after dinner, when the so-called “formal program” started that they asked me to walk-around the vicinity first. stubborn as i am, i wouldn’t go. it was only when madame wilma joined me for a walk that i finally agreed. hehe.

after their “meeting”, they finally called me and asked me to sit on the center. madame hapsah said that it’s a despididad party for me because i am the first among us to leave cagayan de oro. they asked me to explain to them my plans, how it started and how i got the job. and so i did.

after i told my story, i was even more surprised when they prepared letters and a token for me. that picture that you see above is one of the tokens that they made for me. they said that i should carry it along with me when i leave for manila. good thing it fits in my trolly. hahaha!  the surprise that they gave really didn’t struck me at all. i don’t know, probably the thought of leaving isn’t sinking in yet. i may have not shown it during that event to them how much thankful i am but i really am. i’m so much grateful that they really exerted their time and effort giving me a farewell party. 🙂

to my CSG ’06-’07 family, i will forever be thankful to all of you. you made my last stay in school worthit. i earned new and great friends along my journey.


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