Outing Marathon

Outing #1: MetaCatalyst

It was a saturday when i felt like i only have 2 days left to spend here. so i decided to go out and enjoy myself as much as i could. i already have a lunch date with my MetaCatalyst Web Team ( so we went to Rai Rai Ken. i ate a beef bento and tried a few unagi and salmon sushi. it was the worst japanese food i ever tasted. hahahaha! i really enjoyed our lunch over with Maila( and Camilo ( we’ve been classmates and blockmates when we were in first year and they were my first barkada in college. up to now, we’re really close friends and i’m really treasuring the things and memories that we’ve been through all these days.

after eating lunch, we realized that our alloted budget for this outing has a lot of extras. so we decided to watch a movie. while scanning through the showing movies, camilo and i decided to watch zhombie but maila reacted, she couldn’t take it daw. hahahaha! so we watched alpha dog (it’s better than watching ‘ang cute ng ina mo’ or ‘rocky balboa’ hahahaha! when we entered the movie house. we realized that it’s almost the end of it. so we had a lot of extra time waiting for the next cycle of the movie. until then, we saw that maila wasn’t enjoying and that she was already getting bored about it. hehe. so we decided to get out and go to ice castle to have some dessert.

when we arrived at ice castle, i ordered the ice castle tower parfait and it really looks good on the picture. i mean, i’m not into ice creams so i just choose whatever is pleasing to my eyes. hahahaha! i liked the parasol that was in my parfait and the strawberry ice cream in it. but what i hated was the lychee that was in it. i can’t take it’s taste so i’ve been plucking it out of the container. hahahahaha! a few minutes later, apple arrived. she brought with her her digicam so we had a photo session there. hahahaha! i guess i’ll be posting those photos when i get of copy of it or when maila gets to post it in her multiply account. weeeeeee!

after our ice cream session, we went inside ketkai and just went around and had some window shopping. hehe! when we passed by a jewelry store, we decided that maybe we should be having a team ring of our own. so since we still have a lot of extra cash, we decided to buy our own rings. camilo bought a superman design, maila with that rose thing, and i with that flat screw design something. we also engraved our names in it. mine is MC-RIDVAN. which means MetaCatalyst-Ridvan. after that, fonzi (maila’s xbf) arrived. so by then, we already parted with each other since apple, fonzi, and maila are going back to martha’s(maila’s sister) birthday party at the beach.


Outing #2: CSG People

after my outing with my webteam, my csg friends texted me and invited me to have dinner with them. so i went to school to meet them their. while waiting for the others to arrive, i had a little chat with them and stuff. after all of us were complete, we decided to eat siomai first. hehe. after the siomai, we immediately went to Fly Over Restaurant and had our dinner their. i really enjoyed their company. we talked a lot, shared a lot, laughed a lot. we also watched PBB Season 2 there. i usually don’t watch that kind of tv shows that i enjoyed watching it there. hahaha!

Outing #3: HS Berks – Cool Dudes

right after the dinner, i was supposed to go to my friend RJ’s house to have a little ice cream party (again) since it’s supposedly Pepper and My advance birthday. but i wasn’t able to come since i stranded with my CSG friends. so they decided to come down and go somewhere else. we met at Dunkin Divisoria (and i left Glyn’s Love Letter for me there. huhuhuhuhuh. sorry Glyn! =c). right after having a complete attendance, we went to sizzling and had some drink there. red horse! hahahaha! we talked a lot, the usually things that boys talk about. it’s with this friends that i really enjoy talking to. we talk a lot of things and we never get bored. we just had 3 Jumbo bottles of Red Horse since i told them that i must not get drunked since i’ll be wasting time having a hang over sleeping the next day. i still have lots of things to do. hehe. my phone also went dead this time. so for those whom i was texting and wasn’t able to reply, i’m sorry! hahahahaha! after drinking, we went to this little batchoy restaurant and ate batchoy and RM. hehehe. just as we were about to go, two chicks came in. we finally decided to mock them. hahahahaha! so one of my friends offer cigar to them. it so happened that those were promo girls of this brand of cigar that we offer. hahahaha! so that friend of mine happened to talk with them for a while. hahaha! score dude! lolz!

after that, we parted ways already. i went home. end of my outing marathon. 🙂


MetaCatalyst: thank you for the lunch date with you guys. it’s really cool to spend some time with you. thanks for the ring also, i’ll forever wear this. hahahahaha! hope to see you guys for more freelance projects. also hoping for that hosting company that we’re planning to create. hehehe!

CSGuys: it’s been a wonderful year for me. i’ve met a lot of good and trusted friends in this organization. i’m always thankful to you guys. again, a million thanks to all of you!

Cool Dudes: dude, hope to see you soon in the corporate world. i know some of you guys are/will still be having your review for your CPA, RN, and ECE licensure examinations. it just happened that i get to be employed first before all of you. i’m really hoping all of you will top the board exams! hahahahahaha! i’ll treat you guys this upcoming december. to the wounds that never heal, to you guys who inspired virgins, comforted women, helped females in need of s3x, shared many beds, and given many girls happy memories.. cheers! hahahahaha! salamat sa inyu mga pre!!!

Rebecca Mary Justine Ongchua: hahahahaha! madame, it’s really coincidental that we managed to have IMed at 3:22am. lolz! anyways, since we were chatting while i was writing this, i’ll just include you. thank you for the Zabyer moments that we had. hehe. it was really fun knowing smart people like you. siyempre cum laude ka eh.. hahahahahaha! anway, see you soon along with other Zabyer people and hotties when i’ll be back. you will also be back from Sydney ayt? and you’ll be leaving on May 19th and that’s my birthday! so mean! hahahahaha! God bless in your trip anyways. hehehe. and you SHOULD come back here! weeee!

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