Farewell, Strong and Independent Woman

Strong Independent Woman

My direct line manager has been accepted at the global office in Portugal. She’d be moving there next week and will be handling a large team of software engineers. She is more than capable to do that since it was being manifested and validated with how she was also able to handle the 4 of us, all men and older than her.

I had very good experience being under her directly. She has a very strong personality and that is something that I’m really fond of. There were times when I don’t agree with her, but over-all it was an agree to disagree situation. When I heard about the great news, I was happy for her, but at the same time sad because we’d be losing someone of great caliber such as her. I was also recently “tapped” as the next replacement for her, but I had this impostor syndrome or maybe just lack of confidence. I had to go a 1-month grooming period wherein our roles overlap. She was really very helpful in terms of turning things over. If there are decisions and actions to made, she lets me handle it but stealthily  gives me heads up or advice on how to approach the problem. That gives me so much freedom, creativity, and autonomy on things. She was also very helpful in my Personal Development Program (PDP) and has actually pushed me to be better and better every week.

I knew I was capable of leading. I led a few other position when I was in school, but as the saying goes – you are only as good as your last success. For the past months at work, I was really just bumming off. But I knew, I had to step up. And I knew, I am also capable of leading a team. A team she handled so well that there’s a big shoe to fill-in. But for me, I need not fill in that shoe. I should be buying a new shoe to fit my leadership style. But we’ll have to see it for the next few months of handling the Web Engineering team.

I also know that I have very good colleagues and team who are always there, ready to back me up. So, good luck Ma’am Sarah Kuizon Strong Independent Woman! I’m pretty sure you’ll fly into new heights to achieve your goals in life. Thank you for the guidance.

Sarah Kuizon
Here’s a shocked photo of her while punching out for the last time at the office.


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