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First Week On My New Job

One week has passed since I started with my new job. I resigned from my previous company last September 4. I was supposed to start Monday last week but since PGMA announced that it will be a holiday, I started on Tuesday. I don’t know if it is a sign of good luck since I started September 8 and we all know that 8 is a lucky number. Nuff said.


First day high! Met my teammates Leizl, Jamie, and Errel. I didn’t get to do much though since my laptop has not arrived yet. But Leizel gave me a temporary service phone and SIM though so that I will be able to test out Uzzap. Errel then gave me the Functional Specification document for Uzzap so I can run thru the application.


I was late. I arrived around 10am already. Why? Because I was too busy watching Noynoy Aquino’s speech on Umagang  Kay Ganda. Dean, my immediate superior,  gave me a to-do list. First on my tasks was to learn LISP. He told me to read On Lisp by Paul Graham to further understand the methods and technique that we will be using. The article was pretty much cool. I was able to understand the Concepts of Bottom-up development, Functional Programming, and how Lisp can be helpful in the development process. I finished three chapters.

*Signed Contract and Non-disclosure agreement


The night before, I already created my work environment on my laptop. I installed Sun VirtualBox, Enso, and CMUCL. I was also able to download a few Lisp reading materials and resources so I immediately started with the tutorial in the morning . The reason behind why I stopped reading On Lisp was because I found it pointless to move forward because I could not barely follow the examples given. So I thought, I think I need to learn the basics of Lisp so that I will be able to, at least, understand what the article is pointing out. The entire day, I did a crash course on Basic Lisp. It was really a fun learning experience because I was able to grasp the syntax and semantics of Lisp. I will further discuss my thoughts and learning on Basic Lisp in the succeeding articles. It was this day that everything that Dean said and demonstrated, from the time when he interviewed me up to the time that he was already discussing his game plan, made sense. I can now see his point on making me learn Lisp first.

* Got my ATM Payroll and Pag-ibig card.


At this point, I was reviewing the Basic Concepts of Lisp. I did a few exercises found on the tutorials.

* Dean was on field. I had all the space in the cubicle. Hehe.

So what’s up for next week? I’ll be tackling Advance Lisp already to further hone my skills.

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