A long absence..

don’t wonder why i can’t even post something simple here in multiply nor check my friendster account. it’s almost been two weeks since the last time i did. well anyway, it doesn’t really matter anyway. hehe. it’s just that, people are wondering. and i also don’t give a d@mn about them! hahahaha! joke lang people.

anyway, yeah, it’s really been a long time multipy and friendster and deviantart. well, blame it to DANSGUARDIAN!!!!!!!! hahahahaha! joke lang mga sysad ng ramcar. biro lang po yun mga bosing. anyway, it’s really cool to be back. i have a lots of things to be posted, photos, blogs, etc. unfortunately i left everything in the apartment and going to internet cafe really sucks! prolly i’ll just go somewhere wherein there’re are wi-fi hotspots and bring my laptop over. but that’s far from happening. i barely go home at 8pm in the evening from work. and leave the apartment by 8am. well that really sucks, 12 hours away from home. hahaha! but it’s really cool. work is such a good place to learn with. thanks to tiger-sensei who constantly feeds my brain and i think i’m having information overload already! hehe.

i’ll just post one of these days, if i don’t get busy and if i don’t get too lazy to walk 2 blocks from my apartment just to use these gross PC  in the cafe. by gross i mean that there are rogue files anywhere, unorganized desktop, a lot of software installed, etc. the place here is cool. clean and cozy. hehe. but nonetheless i prefer having my laptop than using these.. ehem. gross PCs. hehe.

to you guys out there. ingat nalang kayo lagi diyan. kay ako pud mag ingat pud ko diri!

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