a claustrophobic trapped in a train.. and worse.. in a tunnel!

let’s get things straight.

my colleague and i went to sta. lucia grandmall to have a mall uploading demo of the software. we took the LRT line-2 from cubao to santolan. when we passed by katipunan station, it goes thru a tunnel. i couldn’t help but freak out a little because *ehem* i think i’m claustrophobic. i couldn’t help also think about *crazy* thoughts. i was thinking that “what if” something goes wrong with the train and i will be trap in the tunnel. geez. i don’t even know what i would do. my heart was even beating fast just passing by the tunnel, how much more when we’re trapped. nonetheless, everything turned okay. 🙂

on our way home, we still used the same route. and then.. the train passed by the tunnel and again. but this time? whoooops! the lights were flickering.. the traini engine seems to be slowing down.. and holy! the train stopped right in the middle of the tunnel! crap! of all places and of all tiimes! the train totally stopped. i could only hear the whispering of the people and their heavy breathes. i took my phone and holy crap there’s no signal! i started to stand up. checked the window. it’s too dark! i could barely see anything. and me? you know what happened. i started to freak out again and i don’t know what to do. my friend started to ask what’s wrong with me. i immediately told him that i’m claustrophobic. he laughed. as for me, i just played games on my phone and hoped that everything will turn out okay. it’s the worst experience that i had. good thing the train was not that crowded else i would freak out even more. it’s almost been 10-minutes and the train hasn’t started yet. and why aren’t they giving any updates on what’s happenning? hello?! mr. train man i’m almost dying here??!!

and then poof! the train started immediately. i couldn’t wait to see the sunlight as we walk away the tunnel. well, it started to rain really hard though.

sigh. i needed to overcome this disorder.

this is me trapped in the train. it seems not obvious i’m freaking out right? hehe. the image above is blurry. sign of a shaking hand. hehe.

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