Change in tempo

After a long time, I finally decided to post. It’s not that I don’t visit or monitor this site anymore, I’m just too lazy to write something. I normally write in my much “personal” website in my multiply account.  Well, forunately, it’s friday right now and I felt like I need to do some updates. Tell the world what’s happening in my life already. If you want to read something more personal, just visit the link. 🙂

I finally decided that this will become my technical blog. after this, all posts will be technical, what I learned in my work, what I researched, etc. I’m a new developer in the industry. I’m just full theories with moderate practice in my field. So most of my posts ran from beginner to intermediate only. Nothing much advance. Well, in months or a year maybe I could start posting something advance.

So that’s it. bye.

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