Odawara Castle, Hakone, Japan

Odawara Castle, Hakone, Japan

Ridvan Baluyos works as a Sr. Software Engineer, and is a Zend Certified Engineer (2017-PHP). He is partly responsible in building (and sometimes breaking) the Philippines’ #1 Buy and Sell website.

During his spare time, he likes to play with the latest technologies like the Blockchain Technology amongst others.

Although an introvert, he loves to hear about the stories of people he meets on his travels, and share his story as well. He has mood wings. At times he likes to interact to people, and at times he likes to detach from society.

A certified ailurophile, he rescued his first kitten when he was 9 years old. Right now, he owns three cats namely Thirdy, Trinity, and Toshio. RB, as he likes to be called, enjoys reading about history, culture, biographies, animals, technology, and Christian apologetics. He also builds and collects Gunplas when time permits.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact him via email: ridvan@baluyos.net