Below are some of the open-source projects that I’ve worked or have been working on. Please leave a comment for broken links or file a github issue. Feel free to use any of them!

Earthquake Philippines [In Progress] [code] [site]

  • This App aggregates different Earthquake information from reliable sources. It consumes the USGS Earthquake API.

MMDA API [Unofficial] [code] [site]

  • This is an API that wraps the result payload from the Metro Manila Metropolitan Development Authority (MMDA) Traffic Update API.

iVolunteer Philippines Website [done] [site]

  • A non-profit organization that promotes and champions volunteerism.
  • Migrated from Ruby on Rails to PHP Laravel.

HR Backoffice [stopped] [code] [site]

  • An HR Back of the House web application.

MultiChain Sample [experimental] [site]

  • An experiment for the MultiChain Blockchain Framework. Feel free to play around as there is no sensitive data.

Pathfinder [experimental] [code] [site]

  • A crowd-sourcing site for commute routes.

SMS Providers [in progress] [code] [packagist]

  • A PHP Library built for making SMS sending easier.

MMDA Traffic [done] [code] [packagist]

  • A PHP Library built for the MMDA Traffic Update.

Face Recognition [deprecated] [code] [site]

  • A PHP Library built for the Microsoft’s Face API. This library doesn’t “recognize” a specific person’s face. It can only recognize if an image contains a face.

Chikka SMS [deprecated] [code] [packagist]

  • A Laravel 4 Package for the Chikka SMS API. I am no longer supporting this package.

Semaphore SMS [deprecated] [code] [packagist]

  • A Semaphore API package for Laravel 4.2. I am no longer supporting this package.

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